When the Nintendo Switch was released, there were reports by other skin makers about the console coating being damaged by the adhesive.

It’s not my intention to undermine those claims with this study, but to see if the skins I make in particular are safe to use.

The test I designed goes as follows:

First week results

Results shown in the Video embeded below [Link] and full photo album [Link].

  • The front looks good. No sign of wear

  • Letters on the back peel a little (not seen on camera). This is not a problem since my skins don’t cover this part of the Joycon

  • The smudge shown at [2:09] is barely seen at all after a good clean-up

The borders of the Joycon are the first to show up wear, even when no skin was placed there.

  • Notice the fine line of wear around the right border

I had the chance to see a later stage of this effect in a Nintendo Switch demo unit from a retailer. The coating on the black Joycons ends up looking this way after prolonged use (looks pretty good in my opinion).

  • Nintendo Switch Demo unit from a retailer

Last week results

I’ve applied enough skins for a lifetime and I don’t think there’s gonna be any change at this point. The coating is affected after daily use with or without decals.

Just the same as in the first week, it shows up specially on the edges (where there’s no contact with the decal).

  • It shows up specially on the edges (where there’s no contact with the decal)

Sometimes oil smudges may appear. They can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

In very few occasions smudges persist, but they are barely noticeable (specially in Neon Joycons).

The Dock is perfectly fine (I’ve been using it in my main unit for a month now).

As a sidenote: I’ve seen a few scratches (that show up specially in Grey) in not skinned Joycons. Neon don’t show wear as much.


The Nintendo Switch logo in the Switch itself and the letters printed in the Joycon’s back are very susceptible to damage, but this is not a problem because my skins are not designed to be applied in any of these places.

The dock didn’t see any change whatsoever after multiple re-applies.

The coating in the Joycons is beautiful, but prone to wear and tear. You may risk a few barely visible smudges if you skin it, or a few barely visible scratches if you don’t.

All-around, as far as I have tested (and I’ve tested a lot), everything should be ok.

The whole thing as it went on Twitter [Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3]